Me & My Compression Stockings

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Fair warning this post is long, but hopefully helpful! The following are my two cents on compression stockings after wearing them for 10+ years. It’s my experience with them and while I think I have a few useful things to share, please do not take this as a be-all, end-all. Every person with lymphedema has different needs when it comes to the size/compression/brand/model/etc. of compression stockings (and you should always seek out the advice of a professional before ordering a pair). As always, this is just my story, but I hope that it can help you figure out your own :)

Compression stockings, compression stockings, how I love to hate thee.

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with my compression stockings. On the one hand I hate wearing them because I feel like I’m wearing medical socks on my legs and I don’t feel normal, but on the other hand they work — compression stockings for me are by far the most effective tool I have in my lymphedema tool box.

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Progress, people, progress!

Good news! I wore my stockings with clothing above the knee for the first time since my diagnosis 12 years ago!! Still baby steps for me — I was running errands so I rocked the super colorful I just went to the gym and don’t care what I look like look. But I hadn’t actually been to the gym that day. Details, details…

Super proud though that I wore the black stockings! Really only because the beige were dirty…haha

I walked proudly, strutted my stuff, and returned home unscathed. #dramaqueen

As each day goes by since starting this blog I’ve become more and more confident with being me and just not caring! I’ve worn my beige stockings several times in the last couple weeks (in fact, today!) with cropped jeans. #sorrynotsorry

Don’t know about you, but I’m pumped!! This is all so invigorating. Learning to not care is just the most relieving life lesson for a worry wart like myself.

Next step is wearing my stockings with a dress to work…stay tuned!

Have you been strutting your stocking stuff? What’s the latest outfit you’ve worn showing off the goods?